Why Drafting Women Into The Military Will Be A Mistake


Women and men are different. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or selling something.

And boy are we being sold something now. In the race to instill race-obsessed, gender-obsessed, anti-religion identity fueled “equity,” the prospect of including women in the military draft (should it be needed again) is now on the table. It passed the house and goes on to the senate this month.

Our “progressive” fresh prez of DC is hellbent on doing whatever his socialist puppeteers tell him to do, so he’ll sign it, and that means the senate is our only hope of holding onto any shred of dignity.

Why? Because there is no non-combat clause for this amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2022, like the British had when they drafted women in WWII. There is no clause protecting families where both mothers and fathers will be drafted, leaving children parentless.

It’s a recipe for disaster on so many levels. Even if we overlook the fact that men of other cultures use rape as a battle tactic, or that sexual abuse within our own system is still not under control, we still have to look at the next generation. Drafting both parents would be a great way for tyrannical government officials to raise the next generation under their thumb. And it may seem like something out of science fiction, but most science fiction is prophetic.

The pot it boiling and we are all looking green right now.

If you want all the info on why drafting women into the military isn’t such a great idea and/or how to contact your senator, read my latest Evie article: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/why-drafting-women-into-the-military-will-be-a-mistake

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