10 Better Responses Than Just Saying “I’m Fine”


Need a laugh? I’ve been working on my comedy writing.

It’s super difficult to make people laugh at a page.

I don’t consider myself a funny person. I’m silly. Silly and funny are NOT the same thing. If you got to a few open mic nights at a comedy club and just watch you’ll learn that (no I still haven’t even tried to get up so I can check that off my bucket list, too chicken… ME…afraid to try something onstage… never thought that would be a thing).

But I love laughter, and it’s a great tool to break tension when writing about serious subjects. Taking on hard hitting issues is kind of my thing. So when I was asked to write a funny piece I knew I wanted to take on the challenge. I just had no idea how.

In person, inflection, tone, facial expressions, posture, and delivery can turn anything into a joke. Sarcasm works much better face-to-face as well. But capturing humor on a page or screen, that is something I still need a LOT of work on. I don’t know how most writers do it.

I straight up got a notebook out and was shooting one-liners at my kids while I made dinner. You gotta start somewhere, right? But what makes kids laugh isn’t what makes adults laugh. Getting my husband to at least giggle was a serious trial. One I wasn’t ready for. He didn’t get to read most of what went into. I shot like 2 punchlines at him then burned myself on the skillet. #TooScared

My 9 year old suggested that one of the responses be: I feel like a can of ravioli!

She made me laugh so hard. I don’t even know why. Probably because she batted her eyelashes and said it in such a way that it sounded like the worst predicament on the planet. But 1. I don’t like joke thieves and 2. I didn’t think that would be as funny to all the women reading Evie.

I do love me some slapstick though, so my silliness carried over into this piece. I hope I at least make you smile, smirk, or maybe even chuckle at at least one of these responses, but if not, cut me a break, I am NO George Carlin. That’s for sure haha

(May I could try pulling off being a little Gilda someday, but not now)


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