Sarcasm Has No Place In A Marriage

“Could this movie get any more basic? Basic, basic, basic. Everything everyone does is soooooooo basic. I mean, I need to mock others with my totally unique take on how everyone is just so uninspiring in order to be cool, right? 

Uh, maybe it’s funny the first 50 times a person mocks society or a certain behavior, but sarcasm gets tired fast.”

Read the full article for more on this take:

One thought on “Sarcasm Has No Place In A Marriage

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 “Sarcasm” is like SWEARING!!! 🤬 and Curse 🤬 Words like Cunt EveryOne; so 3DLive and Don’t Judge 🙄 😒 😑 😉 😏 😤 🙄 HYPOCRITES ARE SARCASTIC AND SWEAR LIKE TROOPERS CURSING LOT THEN DENYING IT


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