And the winners are…

I love book giveaways. They’re so fun and happy. (Especially for the winners haha)

So who won the 2 free copies of my new book, “Homeschooling on a Budget?”

Kimberly Starrett from Indiana

& Jill Bemis of Minnesota!

I’m mailing these out today. It’s just a joy to share all I’ve learned through years of homeschooling. Helping other families find their way through home education is something I truly enjoy.

And if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, click on the link above. It’s full of useful resources and ideas, as well as some of my own experiences. Education doesn’t have to be factorized. It doesn’t have to be standardize. Children learn faster and smarter when they have fun learning and that’s really what homeschooling is all about.

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