ARC copies are in!

“The Magic of Trees,” is coming along and almost ready for its Feb 25th release. I can’t wait to share it with everyone, but there’s a lot to do before it comes out.

I’m going through the last few changes in the final copy and contacting reviewers, book bloggers, podcasts, and reaching out for endorsements. These are all crucial elements to a great book launch. Things that authors generally suffer through after the writing.

Most of us just want to write and wish the work would speak for itself, but marketing matters.

Pre-orders will open soon, I’ll start another gift basket raffle, and post reviews so you can get a clear idea of what this book says before you spend any time or money on it.

For now, check out the blurb:

The Magic of Trees” isn’t just a book on tree magic. It’s about drawing on the strength of forests and tree energy in order to better connect with ourselves, other people, and the world around us. Each chapter reinforces meditations, spells, and rituals that re-connects humanity with its roots at every stage of life.

These practices take a hands-on approach to life and spiritual work. They lead to individual self-awareness and fulfillment through healthy natural practices. Plus, this text comes with the added benefit of fine-tuning spiritual tree connections ─ which never stop growing.

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