Writing Hiatus

Balancing my home life and writing has been a wild ride this year. “My Family is Different,” went under contract before Spring hit and was released just last month, I finally started submitting my fantasy and horror stories for publication adding to my already flourishing Pagan pieces, and created this blog. It sounds like a lot but I never feel like I’m doing enough. I don’t like to sit still, life is an adventure and I am going to get everything out of it that I can.

After finally finishing my Pagan book I am taking a step back at the request of my family. I am not going to start any new writing projects until at least the first of the new year. Halloween is huge in our house so slowing down isn’t what this is about, it’s more that I am funneling my energies into my girls and my man. With Thanksgiving coming, our 6th wedding anniversary, my husband’s birthday, Yule and New Year’s, I think I’ll find plenty to keep me busy.

Have no fear, I will continue to annoy everyone with my ramblings on this blog. Just as I am doing some light editing and keeping up with submissions and my stories that are to be published. These are simple tasks that may not always be the most fun, but are helpful. Of course as soon as I declared this break a new online writers workshop hit my radar and registration is going on for a few more weeks, so the temptation is there. Still, I have enjoyed getting out and playing outside in the crisp autumn air. Fall in St. Louis is too gorgeous to be spent trapped in my own head.

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