Anything Under 1,000 Words

Being that I finished two novels, a novella, two children’s books, and a number or short stories this year I agreed to take a writing hiatus until Jan 1st. This began in mid October so I have been working on editing, dealing with submissions, promotions, and events to keep myself busy in the meantime (these stories aren’t going to publish or sell themselves). But luckily my eldest, who was the one who asked me to step away from writing anything new for a while, has been missing my stories herself.

Last month she begged me to work on a new children’s tale that popped into my head and I happily finished it quickly. Since then I have been permitted by her, and the rest of my family, to work on anything under 1,000 words. Apparently flash, non fiction articles and essays, along with children’s stories don’t draw me away as much as the longer stuff. So they don’t count.

Even with taking this little break I am going nuts. The craziness of throwing yourself into the writing world doesn’t ever stop, and I love it! Thanks to my lighter writing schedule I have gotten a good number of shorter pieces finished, and best of all three have already been accepted.

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