There are no Good Books without Editing

It’s the “E” word! Yes, editing. Writers must learn to love it if they expect to get anywhere in the publishing industry. It’s not easy and going over your own work is often useless because you may not always find the flaws that others can see.

Like anything else practice does aid improvement. I have been editing some others’ work and find that when I go back and look over my own, I can spot problem areas much quicker with less worries. Beyond that there are a great deal of resources that have the ability to help writer’s become better editors.

Classes and workshops are no joke. They offer up professional teachers who have a world of experience. I have been writing since I was a kid, but it was only about a year ago that things really started moving forward for me. Establishing a good writing style is linked to the editing process and I don’t care how talented you are there is always room for improvement.

Online workshops are becoming more popular. They offer a flexible schedule while still encouraging growth and giving deadlines. Carrie Cuinn, founder and editor of Lakeside Circus, has an “Editing 101” workshop designed to delve into the basics of editing for a variety of word lovers. It is still open to enrollment due to having to push the start date back.

So if anyone is interested:

6 thoughts on “There are no Good Books without Editing

  1. gegrizzle says:

    Tell me about it… Just about every book I review is littered with errors. Not usually spelling errors, but format type errors. An extra space here, a missing quote mark there, etc…

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