First Book Reading

Yesterday was the day! I don’t know about other authors but I love getting out with my readers and connecting. So yesterday was my first official reading. My librarian Miss Julie totally hooked me up at The Indian Trails Branch of the St. Louis County Library.

After her usual children’s books she had me read “My Family Is Different” as a guest speaker and I loved it. The kids were great. (Well my two year old had trouble sharing mommy but thankfully my sister was there to help out. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to get any pictures since she had to reign in my darling little ball of energy. haha) We had a big turnout. Best of all the parents were so supportive.

I always get a little nervous at events because my book talks about religion to help children understand diversity and acceptance. There are always people how just don’t “get” your theme but I have yet to meet one face to face, thankfully. Actually a lot of parents and educators tell me that they wish there were more books out there like mine.

It simply teaches young children that some people are Christian, some are Wiccan, some don’t worship anything and that’s okay. We are all different but we can still be friends. What a great message right? I mean I believe that no matter what your faith, we are all people who generally desire the same basic thing: a life of fulfillment.

I am so fulfilled right now. But at the same time I’m craving the positive energies of yesterday. I cannot wait to do more events and to meet some more readers. (Oh yeah and give out more free copies, I always find it best to give away one or two free copies when people come to your events)

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