Maybe I’m imaginative and eccentric but it helps me to write different types of stories. Weaving words as an art form isn’t just about writing, it’s about exploring. Without my own adventures I would have no inspiration, but I’m also finding that just writing in different positions and settings can mold the tone of a story and allow it to flow.

The beast I started a week or two ago was only supposed to be a short story. Here I am estimating that I’m over 10,000 words in and we have a long way to go. I had no idea what I was in for and realized after about 5,000 words that I was writing a space opera. That is as uncharted as territory gets for me. I have a children’s book out, just signed a romance deal, and publish a fair amount of horror and fantasy here and there. But space? Naw.

The childish side of me blames my system. When I began this piece I decided to do it upside down. Not metaphorically but for real. Feet in the air and all. It may sound strange but some of my best stories poured out of me when I was writing as I walked around outside, laid on a specific pillow, or rocked in a certain chair. Superstitious or not the change of blood flow is obviously having a creative effect on my brain. I cannot wait to see where this goes.

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