Flying Blind

A little under a year ago I started to heavily pursue writing. I had been playing around with getting things published here and there for years but it really started to become a career last year. I’m crazy organized and eager to learn so I started to create my own structure based off of tips for other writers. Get my ideas down, outline them, make the characters seem real, and then write it all out before picking it apart to edit.

Outlining has become like a science for me. So the beast I’m working on now refuses to allow an outline. I mean I am completely clueless as to what’s going to happen. I get set and write for a couple of hours each day and am so eager to finish this work in order to find out what happens.

I had an English professor in college who told me, “There is no such thing as a story that writes itself. Whoever said that is lying.” I loved her and she gave me a lot of great advice, but this damn thing is writing itself!

When I began it, the bastard was only supposed to be a short story. I tried to outline the details 4 times but every time I wrote, the story went somewhere else and worked better. I have continued to try and outline as I go but honestly I’m enjoying this off beat process. The story is fun and getting bigger everyday. I mean BIGGER. Like I write at least 1k words in each setting.

So yeah, structure is your friend if your stories allow it, but sometimes you just gotta let the pen flow.

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