Me but not Me

It is Imbolc! Also known as Midwinter or Groundhog day. The Pagan tradition lives on in modern western customs, and to add to it, we got a light dusting of snow. Hooray! There is nothing more depressing to me than rain in winter, I was afraid we’d never get any snow.

As a writer I crave it as soon as the weather starts to turn cold. It is another form of inspiration and always a welcome change in my home. Today we will celebrate ritual and enjoy life. I usually don’t go online at all during our holidays but today I felt that I should reach out.

Yesterday I started the ball rolling to finally get my author website up. My brother in-law is awesome and has the skills to get me what I want. So I am of course stoked, and grateful. We had some fun going over different things that should be detailed on the website.

I write all over the place. I have a children’s book, a horror story in vol. 4 of Hellfire Crossroads, numerous non-fiction articles and essays, and those are only a few. Just a variety of different writings. Being an open hearted person I want to share everything. I have no reservations when it comes to putting myself out there. Okay, well maybe I do get a little nervous sometimes but I never regret my words even if they aren’t exactly well received.

We got to talking about the dangers of being shoved into a box. I wrote a couple of pieces for Walrus Publishing on the Michael Brown case. Now if you’ve read them you know where I stand. The grey area is all over me. Unfortunately, being a female writer everyone assumes that I am an extremist feminist liberal. Um, I have nothing against them per say but that’s not me.

Also we talked about my Wiccan/Pagan writing. I am extremely proud of my pieces on my faith but that is not all that I write about. Same with the stuff I did for Walrus Publishing. So here’s I get discouraged. People want a persona to relate to. But personas aren’t people. Being shoved into a box is confining. And I’m always jumping out and trying something new.

Today I celebrate Imbolc as my personal holiday, and I will continue to write some Pagan essays and articles. But I am not just a Pagan writer, and I’m definitely not a political columnist. I am a writer, a human being who enjoys sitting down and expressing certain ideas at different times. There are a lot of us and few get to genre hop (I’m referring to you Neil Gaiman).

So thank you to my readers who “get” me. All of me.

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