There is no one way

There are a bagillon blogs about how to write better, how to make the perfect novel, how to sell yourself. It’s always good to get other people’s insight in order to find what works best for you. But with me, there is no one method.

Each story I write is written differently. I don’t have my “writer’s space” where all of my stories are concisely written using a specific pen, or where I do a voodoo dance in front of my computer before I type. That would be awesome. Maybe that works for other people, but that’s my point.

What I write is based on me, and my eccentricities. Just as what you, or someone else writes, is a reflection of who you are, and how you see the world around you. Finding a balance between taking advice from other writers, and risking new territory is what makes this journey so interesting.

I love to adventure and explore paths that some people find a little too “out there.” I need other writers, and a circle of friends who will help reel me in a little to make a story more believable. Some writers don’t need any of that.

There never has been, nor will there ever be any two exact same writers. Our works are like thumbprints, or individual people. If you’re struggling, maybe you need a change, or a someone to critique your work. But I always make sure to write what makes me feel alive, and then edit it down to fit a readable standard.

Never forget, that without readers, you’re going nowhere fast. There is no one way to go about this, find yours and flourish.

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