Teaser #2

We’re now less than 2 weeks away from the release of my Paranormal Romance ebook novelette, Tale of Two Bookends. As promised, today’s blog is another page from the book. Teaser #1 was the first page, so I think teaser #2 will work best as the second.

When Jenna was within the safe confines of her bookstore, she breathed a sigh of relief. Her heart steadied as she looked over the familiar rows of shelves and breathed in the familiar, comforting scents of paper, new and old, and the lemony wood polish she used on the countertop.

What a strange way to start the day. She couldn’t keep from imagining her new acquaintance’s picture-perfect face and deep, chocolate eyes as she carried stock from the back room and found spaces for the new books on the shelves.

A month had passed since she caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman, and it seemed as if she’d spent every moment of that month torturing herself as she obsessed over the image of his body touching someone else’s.

Now, that man’s voice repeated in her ear as his chiseled face refused to leave her thoughts.

She laughed at herself, pushing her glasses up her nose. She supposed there was nothing wrong with enjoying some eye candy.

Counting the register was difficult, and basic math seemed to elude her. The lingering thoughts of the man she had met were distracting. She could not stop imagining undressing him. But she worked through and readied herself to open shop for the day.

To her surprise, the same stranger who consumed her brain was waiting at the entrance. She did her best to compose herself as she turned the lock and unbolted the door. “Hello again,” she said as she pulled it open.

Dane entered and breathed in deeply. “Ah, they should make a perfume called book, don’t you think?”

She could only nod at the gorgeous man. Gathering courage to find her voice, she asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

He rubbed his hand through his thick, dark hair and looked into her eyes. “Yes, my copy of A Tale of Two Cities is worn through. I need a new one.”

The last teaser will come next week, and I plan for that to be one of my favorite scenes.

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