Book Signing Success

I’m getting ready to go out for my second day of book signing and selling at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic in Tower Grove Park. It’s been such a fun experience so far. There have been a few snags, but that’s how things go. I can take it. haha

My favorite part of this whole experience has been the variety of conversations I’ve gotten to have with readers. Everyone seems thrilled to see a book like mine. I’m still shocked their aren’t more like it. But getting the message out there has been easier than I thought it would.

The best part is listening to the kids who like my story. Each one has their own positive take on it, and they love the illustrations. (Of course Laura, you are super talented and the best illustrator ever!)

Talking to parents, grandparents, and grown up kids at heart made yesterday fly by. I’m sure today will be just as much fun, if not more.

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