Dedications and Acknowledgements

When you dedicate a book to someone it’s huge.

The publisher for my children’s book, My Family Is Different, didn’t allow for dedications but of course it was for my daughters. My husband gets honorary dibs on dedications for any romance I write because he truly is my better half. My upcoming Science Fiction Novella, By the Stars, is dedicated to my sister and I had fun with that since she’s my worst critic.

Dedications are, for me, the best part of getting published.

Then come acknowledgements. I have had a list titled, Don’t Ever Forget, waiting to be put into my first real work of literature for some time now. By the Stars is me. It’s not cheesy romance, or a silly kid’s book, it is something I would read.

Thanking all the great people who’ve helped me along the way has been a top priority for me. I find humor works best, and keeping it simple (especially when you have a laundry list).

The people most connected to the work come first, then those who helped mold you to create it, and I leave family for last. Family is more personal, and building up to them can be quite a ride.

Writing in general has been an adventure so far. I basically thanked everyone like a big dweeb, because you guys keep me going. So yeah, if you care about a writer’s work, read their acknowledgments. It’s the best part.

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