Hell No!

This week has been crazy! Not just because of all the usual author stuff but because for some reason I have had multiple people compare me to Hemingway. I am sure a lot of writers would love this, but please fucking stop.

I hate that man. His works were redundant, bitter, boring, and untruthful. In my experiences life has held a lot more than what he eluded to in his whining.

If you’re one of his fans I am sorry.

Also, I write a lot of Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror. Lit is something I have done and sometimes I play around with modern, but it’s not my specialty.

I guess a lot of other writers are making the comparison because I drink when I write. NEWSFLASH: A great deal of others have and do drink while writing. It helps block out the rest of the world and brings the subconscious mind to the surface thus offering more creative flow.

And Hemingway’s stupid quote is nothing like my methods. I never edit sober. You write inebriated, edit tipsy, and submit sober. This is a proven method for me.

I attribute much of my recent success to my methods, and of course sheer dumb luck.

So yeah, stop it. Drinking while I write doesn’t make me anything like Hemingway, it makes me like 90% of published authors out there.

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