Damn Social Media

Okay, I fucking love social media. I mean a lot of the connections I’ve made that have furthered my writing have been through social media.

Twitter is insane. It’s like a magical realm of insanity for writers to make fun of everything together. Added bonus, readers are there too, who knew?

Facebook is another story. It’s like ADD incarnate. Getting people to actually listen to you without getting offended is a fun dance because they’re so wrapped up in themselves. Not to blame anyone, I mean it’s facebook and that’s just how we are on there.

I’m going to piss off every feminist right now and say I hate Tumblr more than anything. I was on there for a while and the whole time I felt like the adult watching the stupid kids light themselves on fire. Apparently I’m an old bitch now or something, or maybe I just need more subsistence. Who cares?

I’ve avoided pintrist for too long and may have to just immerse myself in that land of awesomeness, because it really does seem fun. I just don’t want to be the person who has to mention, “I found it on pintrist,” every time I get complimented for making something cool.

It’s all in good fun people.

G+ is alright, but it’s basically snobby facebook.

Whatever your preference, one, a few, all, it’s like the fucking Wild West. Hold your own, tell some jokes and have fun with it.

I met my writing Yoda: Mark Pearson, one of my fav author friends: Ian Thomas Malone, and my publisher: European Geeks on Twitter. Yep.

Best of all you can annoy your fav authors. Sorry Richard Smyth, I don’t mean to get kind of fan girlish every now and then, just love your work.

It’s okay, I’m not really crazy, I’m just a writer with a lot of energy. (Can you believe I don’t drink coffee?)

5 thoughts on “Damn Social Media

  1. richardsmyth says:

    Yeah, really, it’s a nightmare having a fellow writer constantly saying positive and encouraging things about your work in public. Awful. Can’t you go and pester that Charlotte Bronte woman for a change? x

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