If you’re not busy in a couple of hours, the awesome Dante Harker will be interviewing my on twitter at 5:30pm CST.

He is lucky enough to be traveling the world and vloging about all the awesome places he gets to see. I often have to live vicariously through him, but today he gets to live through me as we talk about my new release By the Stars.

This week has been a dream. Yesterday this 1st book in my Embracing Entropy novella series came out.

There was a silly facebook release party that helped ring in my new book baby, and not only did my writing Yoda Mark Pearson hop on (even though he said he wouldn’t be able to make it) but my fav author Richard Smyth and my awesome writer friend Ian Thomas Malone were able to pop in. I got to get to know my fellow European Geeks authors better and celebrate with whoever wanted to with me.

Not everyone can make these online events but if you’re able, pop onto twitter this evening and jump into the conversation. We’ll be posting under #BytheStars. I have no problem answering questions; I’m an open book. Go ahead ask me anything, I DARE YOU! haha (Oh and follow Dante, he’s hilarious)

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