I don’t write everyday. I can’t. It would kill me. I need to go out and experience life so I have something to write about.

But when it’s time to commit to a story, I have to center myself and really focus on focusing. Does that make any sense? haha

I’m easily distracted. Kids, life, family, men, they’re all distracting. I don’t know how everybody in my inner circle puts up with me (especially my husband). I know I can get pretty annoying with my crazy energy levels and inability to just do like everyone else and chill.

I never feel like I’m doing enough. It doesn’t matter if I wrote a 100K word novel in a day (if you can do this I bow down to you heehee) or if I slept in and need to get in gear, I just crave life. I mean real life: moving forward, having adventures.

Thankfully I’m in the right profession for this kind of eccentric disposition.

Focusing and just sitting down to write isn’t difficult for me because I tell myself I have to do it and I do it. I wish I could give other writers some special technique to help them. But honestly, it’s mind over matter. If you tell yourself that you have to do something and really believe it, you will do it.

I pumped out book 2 of my Embracing Entropy Series in a few weeks and really enjoyed myself. I had some great inspiration and it was fun. But now I have to get real and prepare for editing. No distractions.

Anyone who encourages me is welcome to be a part of my life as I ride the writing roller coaster. It’s when people get negative that I have to distance myself. I want to be everywhere and do everything and help everyone, but that interferes with my writing.

It’s easier to focus if you keep a positive attitude and surround yourself with people who do the same. (Was that too cheesy? Sorry haha)

2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Dave S. Koster says:

    I am possibly the biggest pessimist in the whole entire universe, and I try (very hard) to pass it off as being a ‘realist’. That said, I like being out on social media and interacting with other writers because so many folks are positive and helpful. Sure, I have my outbursts of pessimism and negativity, but seeing so many others being positive and encouraging is a good influence, and is helping to curb those impulses. I see exactly where you’re at, and I hope folks don’t drag you down! You’re doing a great job (even if I’m jealous about the rate at which your 2nd book was knocked out), and I’d like to see you keep it up. See – positivity, I’m working on it.

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