That first Edit

I finished the first edit for book 2 of my Embracing Entropy Series! Everyone shout and jump with me before I fall over shaking in fear of another round of editing. haha

My husband’s going through it first and then I’ll play with his comments and send it out to my best friend and my writing Yoda, and any of the other trusted writers I know who aren’t busy. It’s a slow, grueling process. You get done and have to wait, get done and wait, done, wait, done, wait. But it’s worth it.

The longer I crack into something the better it reads when it’s published. So that first edit is really just me deciding if the story is good enough to keep working on, or if it should be scrapped.

Honestly, most everything I’ve written makes it through the first edit. It’s when after 20 edits I can’t make something work that I scrap it. At this point, there’s always a new story to write, an old story to edit, and a first draft to tear apart. Writing is a necessity in my life now.

Pushing through the first edit of a draft used to terrify me, but now it’s a welcome rush. Sometimes it turns into a drinking game. Drink for every unnecessary “that” in a sentence, overuse of adjectives, or bad dialogue tags. They all happen. To every writer. Maybe someday I’ll be prolific enough that what I write will be perfect the second I press the ink from my pen onto a page, but I doubt it.

4 thoughts on “That first Edit

  1. bethanyliz says:

    My particular sin of choice is the comma splice. I actually only learned that comma splices were bad about 3 years ago, which was completely mortifying. 🙂 Good luck on your next round of edits!

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