Sometimes a writer’s gut is wrong. Sometimes we tear ourselves down so much that we scrap a story before it’s really had a chance to grow. That’s why I keep a “Duds” folder. And why I keep good friends close.

The people who get me, who really know me, also understand how down I get on my work sometimes.

Yesterday I worked through editing a story I thought was crap. (It had even been previously published but I’ve been iffy about adding it to my short story collection) Someone real close to me offered the unwanted encouragement I needed (and loathed for a little while) and I decided to give it another go.

I flew through the editing, and there was a lot to add and change. Somehow I got into a real good groove and found a way to “fix” the story in a way that makes me proud to let people read it. I still don’t believe it’s my best work, but it has it’s place and that’s all I can ask.

Sometimes we can’t see past our own self-doubt. Writers are wrong all the time. And it’s important to admit when we are so we can keep moving forward.

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