The Rhythm of Writing

By now (if you’ve been reading my blog) you know that I used to be a bit of a musician. A singer really. haha

I’ve been able to draw from my experiences in music to help rocket me forward in writing and it seems to be working. And not only are the industries similar, but the creation of the art forms as well.

The more I write stories, the more I feel like I’m writing songs again. I’ve been getting back into play songs for fun and posting a few requests for people on youtube as they come in. But I got burnt out on music real fast because for me it’s not a get rich quick scheme, money and music never really mixed in my opinion. I always hated the idea of trying to get people to buy songs. Music should be free right?

I kind of feel the same way about books, but the difference is that books are harder for me to write. They’re more of a challenge, so compensation doesn’t come with artistic guilt. Even so, there is the interlude, the first verse, the chorus, the second verse, the bridge, and the end.

Lately as I write I’ve been able to find more success with my first drafts if I start it like a symphony. You have to slowly build, let the pattern take over for a while, but without getting too redundant, and then the climax has to hit the reader like a good bridge or an awesome key change. Then to reach the conclusion you have to ease out of it and wrap everything up.

I like drawing parallels, helps me to find the theory behind everything and try to get where I need to go.

Who knows where it will lead?

2 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Writing

  1. Tarquin Carlin says:

    Interesting that you say that. I have a background as a musician and songwriter as well and sometimes find some real parallels between the two, especially being a lyricist.
    Sometimes the sparsity of lyrics can help when i get too wordy in prose, i was always a captured moments kind of songwriter less of a straight out storyteller and i find that my writing is a bit the same, i tend to tell a string of moments together rather than a linear story.
    I gave up trying music as a career long ago, i just do it for myself more than anything else these days.

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