No Neglecty

I so forgot to schedule a blog post to drop today while I was out enjoying the real world, so my holiday is cut a teeny bit short. But I’ll be guitaring here when I finish this bad boy up. Wow, I just used guitar as a verb. God I hate it when people do that. (But it is fun when you’re super hyper-which I apparently must be right now)

As the first day of Fall (autumn for people who are sticklers about scientific accuracy) my silly Pagan booty took a day off from the tech world to do what I do best, roll around in nature and let it wrap itself around me. There is no greater perfume than bonfire fumes.

I just wanna sit here and smell myself as I write this because I just came in from poking around in the fire I build out back. (It’s okay I’m a fire sign, I don’t singe easy)

Since I started really getting sucked into the online world I had been taking Saturdays off. Like blackout and everything. No internet, computer, phone, etc. I’ve kinda let that slip recently, but my holidays are always sacred. I’m going to try and get back into the habit of abandoning you guys on Saturdays, but fear not I will schedule a silly Saturday blog post to pop up in my absence. (For the like 5 people who care heehee)

No, really, thanks for reading. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m saying, but people quote me on the internet now so I must be saying something. haha

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