One Thousand!!

I hopped on here ready to go on and on about another random insanity I’ve met with in my recent writing adventures, and then I found this cute little notification that I’ve received 1K likes on my blog. Okay, in the grand scheme that’s like nothing because I’ve been blogging for over a year now (truth), but at the same time I don’t see people as numbers or labels. I am happy to reach one or two people, so knowing I’ve branched out to more than that is pretty awesome.

The comments and conversations I’ve had with others on here have been super enlightening. Sharing our experiences and learning from each other is what I’m all about. I’m totally grateful for the opportunity to come on here and ramble with my nonsense. When other people do it with me I reach the height of existence. haha Okay, maybe I’m going just a teensy bit overboard, but you get the point.

Only now I’m encouraged to continue on with the comedic dance. So if you’re annoyed with me, don’t like or comment, people. Really, it may be a hazard to your health.

But if you don’t mind the cycle of whateverness I thank you for sticking with me. Love my readers, just wanna smooch you all.

Now I leave you to the cheesy funk of my fav Boyz II Men song. haha

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