Got my manuscript back from it’s first round of feedback. I haven’t opened her yet, but I’m going to be in editing hell very soon. I have a small select few who I trust to tear apart my work and I take their input very seriously.

I’m dying to get to work, but have to keep with my schedule and take care of the kiddos and such. I have about 20-30 minutes before I’m cut lose for a short period and I can see what horrible red marks have come back to me. haha

I never want to rush editing, but I am eager to dive in. Working on cleaning up my own books is nerve wracking, but necessary. After I give it another go through I get to send her off to my writing Yoda, and he’ll really make me ponder the plot, theme, and meaning of it all. (Like every good Yoda should heehee)

This time of year is the worst for writers. Finding people to aid me has been a pain. We’re all so busy right now. I’m lucky that I have at least a few people who can work me in.

The importance of polishing one’s work to make sure it’s palatable and translates to the reader properly is more important than ever. With everyone deciding to try out writing and the overflow of self publishers, making sure your work makes sense, flows, and stands out is more vital than ever.

2 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. bethanyliz says:

    I really like editing, though I know that’s not exactly normal. When drafting, there’s no reassurance that what I’m writing is actually good – but when I’m editing, I can see the scene get better. It’s a cool feeling. 🙂

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