Random Rituals

A lot of writers have a particular ritual. They write at the same time, in the same place, often with the same pen. If that works for them that’s great, but I don’t know how the hell they produce anything that way.

Sure there are all these tips about getting into a routine. And like a lot of people I do have some kind of daily hustle. But it’s always changing.

I like to write in different places, try new things and incorporate those experiences into my work. With By the Stars (Book 1 of my Embracing Entropy Series) I wrote with my feet in the air.


I had this crazy idea that getting my feet off the ground would help me connect with writing about traveling through space. It worked so well that I wrote book 2 the same way. And book 3 will be written like this as well. Yes, I am superstitious and It’s worked for me so far. heehee

It feels great. But only for that set of stories.

When I write only left handed (I am more prominent on my right but have some ambidextrous qualities), I usually do so when I wake up super early and write at my kitchen table. It’s perfect this time of year because I can crack open a window and let some cool air in to help wake me up a bit.

Sometimes I write laying in bed with a pillow bunched up beneath my notebook. (Yes I still longhand. It’s odd to me that so few writers do but whatever)

The most recent thing I wrote really baffled me. It came right after I spread out the coals of the fire I had in the backyard for the full moon. Still not sure what the hell it is. I think it’s the end of something. Now, as all over the place as I am, I’m a chronological thinker and have never written anything out of order.

This is new for me. But nearly everything I’ve written has had some new element to it, so I’m ready to explore this one. Thing is, I somehow got it in my head that it should only be worked on during the full moon. (Cuz that won’t make things difficult at all haha)

Sometimes finding inspiration in the random customs that we create aids the process. I could never stick to one way of doing things. That’s just not me. Maybe that’s why I have so many different genres I’ve written in. It’s helping to build me the kind of awesome diverse fan base that I want.

So you’ll all know what I’ll be doing the night of the next full moon.

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