My previous work on non-fiction articles and essays has somewhat helped me with writing fiction. I can move forward with more fluid, make sure that I’m keeping the story cohesive, but my wraps ups are a battle.

I’ve been so focused on adding more detail to my descriptions since that has been one of my weaknesses, that another issue hasn’t been addressed. With short stories I can shape things pretty well, but I’m getting some good feedback on my longer pieces and the main hold back seems to be that my endings feel kind of rushed.

I’m a to the point person. I like wrapping things up. With nonfiction your conclusion is brief and easy. You can’t do that with fiction. I’m working on it.

Book 2 of my series needs some add ins and I’m up for it. I need to balance the conclusion with a gradual closing. Lead up to it more. As I progress in writing, I’m zeroing in on what I can strengthen. Hopefully I can get this down.

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