New Price!

My Space Opera novella By the Stars is now just 1.99 on kindle

I would rather receive a smaller royalty check and reach more readers than the other way around. The whole point of what I do is to connect with others. I’d love to give all of my works away for free, but when you have a family and live in this ridiculous society that’s more difficult than anyone thinks.

Even though I am biased against self publishing, I did look into it. (I technically self published a silly children’s book on amazon, but it was to appease my eldest daughter because she wanted to see it on kindle a few years back. Silly kiddo haha) Pricing is more complicated than most people think. If things haven’t changed too much, amazon has a minimum price at which an author has to set their book(s).

Doesn’t seem too tricky at first. But then there are different tiers, and ratings, and the fact that print actually sells better online than ebook formats.

It’s nice to have a publisher to handle all of that technical BS. Writers have to handle a lot of stress; a good publisher takes off some of that weight to allow the potential for more success.

But in that regard, authors often don’t have any say in setting the price point. My first 2 publishers set the price and I had no say. I’m lucky that my current publisher listens to the writing fam better. And since book 2 of this novella series is in the process of getting it’s release date, book 1 is now a bit more affordable.


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