Ready for More

Words kind of rule my life, or stories really. I write, edit, read, repeat. Sounds like a nice quite life, right? Maybe for some, but I also crave experiences and adventures. I fit a lot into everyday.

I’d like to say weekends are the best. I mean most weekends are pretty crazy for me, but I work every day of the week. Everyday is Monday for a writer like me haha

It’s cool I actually love Mondays. It’s always a fresh start. But sometimes I do need a break. Like a real fucking break. No pens, no paper, no computer. (Of course it is during these times when great ideas plague me haha silly life)

That was this weekend for me. And it was extended into yesterday. I had hoped to finished that last two short stories for my collection before I started my little hiatus, but that didn’t happen. I know most writers joke about procrastination, but I’m not a real writer. I always make my deadlines, I never get writer’s block, and I have story ideas for miles. So this is new for me.

Maybe I’m settling into my career. Could it be that most writers start out with as great of work ethic as I have and then slowly lose it due to the insanity of this odd profession? I don’t know. Don’t really care.

I’m ready to get back to work. I’m going to finish these stories, and make sure that I get enough writing done before i take December off. I always take December and June off of writing. (New stuff only) It’s kind of driving me nuts that Halloween is so close, and then the whirlwind of the crazy busy holiday season will take over my life and make me wish to become a hermit. heehee

So here’s the question. Should I dive in and write book 3 of my series next month? I hate Nanomo or whatever it’s called. I get the idea of it, but I don’t need a movement to tell me to write. I write when I want how I want.

The issue here is that I haven’t gotten the edits for book 2 back from my publisher yet. I did complete a slight rewrite, but I don’t usually continue a story line until the previous section is ready.

Listen to me talking like I do this all the damn time. haha Honestly, this is my first series so I’m just winging it anyway. Whatever. We’ll see what direction the wind blows me in this time.

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