Explaining Explanations?

When I read a story I don’t want everything explained to me. I like to think for my damn self and sometimes not knowing everything makes the story seem more real. We don’t always get to know everything in life.

Modern writing seems to be all about explanations. Sometimes it’s warranted, but others I feel as if it’s an insult. Makes you wonder if the author thinks their readers are stupid. I understand not everyone is a bookworm, but come on. Literate people who choose to read have some cognizant thought.

I’m having fun working to balance this. I’m a lover of more classic styles that leave more to the imagination and offer readers room to form their own opinions. Let’s not confuse this with description, detailed writing is important and I’m still working to master that. What I’m talking about is backstory, action sequences, histories, the entire world created.

If everything is explained, it makes a story a fun one time read. There leaves little to go back for. More complex novels and novellas offer enough explanation to make for a well rounded story, but leave somethings to be pondered.

This is not easy to pull off. I have had one reviewer have issues with By the Stars because I don’t explain why Earth is dying or what led up to it. Clearly that person didn’t understand that that is not what my story is about. My story is about the trials of moving on. Thing is, it’s first person. The main character doesn’t know everything. That’s what make everything so hard on her.

No matter how well something is pulled off, there will be people who don’t like it or want more. That’s not to say that this reviewer was wrong to want more. Maybe I should have offered more. I know that I am not the greatest writer to ever live. (Far from it)

But for me, part of why I love reading and listening to a tale is to allow the voice of the narrator or writer to carry my imagination and encourage it to flourish in the realm of their ideas. As a writer, I wish to find that perfect balance where my readers know enough but also have room to reach their own conclusions. I would also like everyone to love my work, and to be a mermaid, so I’m not sure when or if I can. haha

Hopefully I explained that well enough. teehee

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