Next Week!

My next signing

Local Author Flier

Come find me at the St. Charles City/County Library off Spenser rd. I’ll be signing my children’s book My family Is Different, have bookmarks (I love bookmarks!) to give out, and have fun talking with anyone who wants to hang out. haha

1 jess 2

There’s just something about getting to play with readers

I love the numerous conversations I have with my readers and the stories they themselves have to offer. I once met a woman named Story. Legally. I’ve met people from all over who love reading as much as I do and that common bond makes these events extra special.

Pagan Picnis

And best of all…

I have something for everybody. My children’s book has been popular with a wide range of readers (yes even some childless adults love it haha). It’ll make a great gift for the holidays. But I also have a couple of ebooks in the sci-fi and paranormal romance genres, so if you run out of fundage or get overloaded with books, I have bookmarks and cards to hand out. I’m like the opposite of a car salesman, I want to make sure that you love what you get from me and usually bring something to hand out for free because it’s all about getting together and sharing our love of the written word.

So come see me! 

And if you can’t, bother me online. I love what I do and always enjoy conversing about books and writing.

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