Through the 1st

I made it through the 1st round of editing with my publisher to prepare my upcoming novel Siren’s Snare for release. Every pass teaches a writer new things. I’m always eager to improve my skills so each manuscript is better.

editing 2

There were a few snags. The epilogue is being cut completely. It was one of my favorite parts, but I understand because I did take it to the extreme. (And yes when I mean extreme in erotic paranormal romance, it is all about over the top sex scenes)

I already had to rework the prologue and after going through all the red marks in the chapters, I agree with my editor. I wrapped things up really well in the last chapter. There’s no need to attack people with an orgy. haha (Yes, I said orgy)

I’m sure a lot of people will think, “At least your mom will be more apt to read it now.” More like I’m more apt to listen to her when she tells me about how much she liked the dirty scenes. teehee I am very lucky. My family may be loud and crazy, but we have no problem making fun of each other and talking about everything.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy writing in this genre. Sometimes you just want to work on a story that’s light and fun. I never like to tie myself down to any one type of writing. I have my children’s book:

1 jess 6

My Sci-fi series:

By the Stars Cover final

The fantasy novel that I’m working on primping up, and the horror stories that I love to write, but when I just want to do something light and fun erotic paranormal romance is there. I have been asked to tone down the gore and violence I put in this novel. Horror is my first love, so sometimes I get a bit too graphic with certain scenes.

I’m working on it. Round two should be fun. I love getting my edits and tearing into them. I should receive the mark ups for book 2 of my sci-fi series soon. I can’t wait. I’m so ready to wrap these babies up before the year is out!

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