The Ides of March

A lot is changing fast.

My living situation has changed for the foreseeable future and my writing is at its best. True writers can write anywhere and through the worst of times. (That’s not to say that we have to, but it’s a given)

I spoke with my editor, European Geeks, to assure her that my productivity will not be hindered and she offered me the best incentive ever. If I can finish book 3 of my Embracing Entropy Series in time, not only will book 2 be released during the Ides of March, but book 3 can be done so as well  and we can release the entire trilogy in print.


Everybody do a happy dance! 

happy dance.jpg

The original plan was to try and bring back the serialized novel in a new way. We were going to release each novella as an e-book and then put the trilogy together in print once the individual stories had their run. The idea is popular with certain audiences and a lot of writers seem highly interested in trying this. Thing is, I write fast, and print is still the best way to reach readers.

I’m dying to get this series out to people. It’s been a breeze to write. There are always challenges with editing and getting everything in order, but something about Embracing Entropy has really fueled my career. I had hoped that people would receive a new form of serialized novel with more enthusiasm, and I still think it will take off. But I may be a bit ahead with my timing.

You learn to change your course fast in this industry. Gotta feel out what works and go with it. I’ve already gotten started on book 3 and edits for book 2: Wish for Survival are underway. You get used to long waits with getting published, so anything that pushes projects further makes me wanna jump around.


March 15th 2016 is going to be a big day for me.

I’d say I can’t wait, I’m usually pretty impatient, but I’ve got a lot of work to do. The thing about writing a trilogy is that you want each book to be better than the last. I’m determined to deliver. This series means a lot to me and I am so excited to get her finished and ready for readers to turn pages.

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