It’s Thursday Nov. 19th!

That means that in about 7 hours I will be signing books and sharing my craziness with anyone who wants to come to the Spencer Rd location of the St. Charles City/County Library!


The last signing was so much fun. Way different from the first. My first was actually held at my illustrator’s mom’s house and was an awesome book release party. Real intimate with friends and fam. When I think of how things have progressed from there, I can’t wait to get out again.


Every venue is different. The first was so comfortable I was able to ease into it. Everything in my writing career seems like that. I kind of fell into writing and the signings started small and simple and continue to get bigger each time. I guess that’s how a lot of things go. You have to start somewhere and grow from there.

Pagan Picnis

My most successful signing was at the Pagan Picnic.  It was a scorching hot day and I was placed int the sun. But I love extreme weather and the people were great so I didn’t mind.

Luckily It’s November so I won’t have to stock up on sunblock again. And tonight’s event is indoors. It’s going to be the perfect place to drop by and shop for great titles that make awesome gifts.

So come see me! 

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