Signing and events aren’t just about selling books

They’re also about connecting with other artists. Writers, illustrators, storytellers: a great deal of inspiring individuals come together for book signings and author events. I love having my own little space to do my thing.signing 3

But I also enjoy going around to check out what everyone else is about. It’s always helpful to meet other authors. I’m a book nerd and have no problem trading works. Last night I traded 7 or eight books with other very talented writers. My table mate, best selling author Peggy Archer, was a pleasure to get to know. I also went around and exchanged bookmarks and cards so I can connect with everyone online. I can’t say how many times this has helped me to find a good critique buddy and other opportunities.


Of course you don’t want to network with only selfish intentions. People can smell a fake from miles around. The important thing is to remember that we’re all in this together. Every writer has their own unique story, their own struggles. Being able to share your experiences and have fun getting to know more people with similar issues is a great way to gain support and readers. Remember writers are generally the most loyal readers. We’re often selling our books to each other. Which is why I’m such a fan a trades.


Trade cards, trade bookmarks, trade books, trade stories, become friends. Being lucky enough to get out there and do this bonds us. I had a great time and I can’t wait to do it again.

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