Taking the Initiative

Do you ever feel like, “We should be doing this?” or “I wish people would be do that?”

Not in a control others way, but in a fun social way.

I was feeling that a lot lately. When I first joined the workforce as a teenager there was a lot more going on. People were more social. We had work activities, friends threw parties, families actually enjoyed getting together.

Sure, I could blame the advancement of technology for making people lazier, social media definitely makes everyone less social, but I’m a doer. I don’t care exactly how or why things are the way they are, I just want to enjoy life and find solutions to improve things. If I were a song, I’d probably be “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

In the past few years my employer has skimped on the little things that made the job a career. I love writing for a small local company. It pays the bills, and I get to write for a living, but last year really toned down team spirit. I missed our little potlucks, parties, and friendly extras.

They have slowly come back, but even before the pandemic Halloween went from being a party day to just an occasion to go to Diane’s desk for some candy. As much as I love Diane, I think we deserve better (especially HER). So I emailed the boss. The BIG boss. Not my direct higher-up, but the owner. Just a nice little inquiry politely asking about it.

And the response was perfect. Because I’m a sunshine happy rainbow child, I’m now IN CHARGE of the party. I’ve organized a potluck, decorations, and of course… a costume contest (with gift card prizes to encourage people to participate).

Sure not everyone is up to the task, but if you’re missing out, if you want to connect with others, sometimes you have to to take reins and run the show. And most of the time, if you start, others will follow and help out. You won’t be the only one looking for friendship and good times. I promise.

It’s the same reason that we put up a Christmas tree last year. We always decorate with a giant 20 foot tree. But last year the boss was feeling the weight of the pandemic. I could tell.

So I messaged him and he told me I could do it. The employee who used to be in charge of that had left and no one else stepped up to the plate. I think that’s how a lot of traditions and other fun social events hit a brick wall. If the organizers retire or move on, someone else has to pitch in. And yeah, life is tiring, but if you don’t take the extra step and volunteer once-in-a-while, you’re going to miss out.

I know I can’t always rely on others to get the ball rolling. And there are times when I can’t do it either. But if these special moments, events, and connection truly matter, someone has to lead.

So don’t be afraid to try sometimes.

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