Flash Fiction Challenge: I HATE… SOMETHING!!!

Dan Alatorre

We all hate something (heck, I hate lots of stuff), but when we are writing, how do we describe that in a character? How do we show that?

Well, you’re about to find out.

00 hate cat 1 Cats know hate.

This week, take a random character from the random character generator and put them into a 500 word scene where HATE is evident.

Maybe your character hates somebody.

Maybe somebody hates your character.

00 hate cat 2.jpg

Maybe the character’s kid hates green beans. And then you fight every freaking lunchtime about it for, oh, say five years! FIVE YEARS. That’s time I’m not getting back, people. And it’s not like she loves carrots, either. Or broccoli. Or squash. No, THAT would all be toooooo easy.

Okay, where was I?

Oh, yeah. HATE.

00 hate cat 3

Well, you get the idea, I think. Here’s your random character generator


And HERE are your setting options. Your character is on:

  1. A…

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