The Bias of Disney’s ‘Woke’ Job Training

Woke this,

Woke that,

Woke pants

And a woke hat?

Yeah, I’m not a poet and I only usually attempt it ironically, but holy hell am I turning into a crusty old lady. Like, IN MY DAY WE WENT TO WORK TO DO A JOB AND GOT FIRED IF THEY WERE RACIST!

Now “antiracism” is preaching re-segregation, division, and color-coding everyone. #HowWholesome

I love everyone. Yes we all have our unique physical, mental, and spiritual characteristics but that is some elementary school shit. For real. If you grow up thinking that the only thing that matters is what you look like then you need to get a personality.

There is nothing more boring than someone who won’t shut up about being straight or gay, black or white. Thankfully I don’t generally hang out with people who obsess over their “whiteness” or “gayness” or “blackness.”

Sure it’s fun to tease people for their pizza topping preferences, but at the end of the day, what we say and what we do needs to correspond. You can say you’re “antiracist” then run around judging everyone by the color of their skin and expect anyone to take you seriously. Maybe that’s why Disney movies suck and they’ve lost a lot of fans. Maybe that’s why the entertainment industry is struggling, and was doing so BEFORE the pandemic. Because people are sick of being told to think one way while watching the preachers do the opposite. (I’m looking at you A-listers in Hollywood).

Call me old fashioned, outdated, or even “racist,” at this point everything means the opposite of it’s definition. So if the antiracist virtue signalists are obsessed with race and judging others by physical characteristics they cannot control, then maybe the “racists” are those everyday people who just want everyone to be allowed to live in harmony?

IDK, what I do know is that Disney is now pulling a Coca Cola and training employees on “wokeness.”

And like I stated in my latest article “There is no awakening in “wokeness.” It is all political. And it is made to divide us so we are more easily controlled.”  

Read on if you want to know the full story:

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