DeSantis to Pardon Floridians Charged With Breaking Mask Mandates

While California decriminalized knowingly giving AIDS to people, charges for not wearing a mask continue. Thankfully Florida is run by a more sensible governor.

I know where I wanna vacation. Mask-free on the beach enjoying all my liberties.

DeSantis knows what’s up. He’s even pardoning people hit with serious penalties for violating local mask mandates (which he made illegal on May 3rd).

Read on if you want the full scoop:

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6 thoughts on “DeSantis to Pardon Floridians Charged With Breaking Mask Mandates

    1. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

      Everything is considered racist nowadays so it’s hard for me to know if he’s actually racist or if the media has led you to believe he is because they don’t like his policies since they’re owned by the deep state.

      1. mistermaxxx08 says:

        As a Black man i know he is racist and he cut from that Donald Trump cloth and don’t talk down to me about the media ok? Because his agenda is divisive and FYI I got people in Florida and first hand ya dig about his agenda

      2. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

        You assume I was talking down to you, yet I was merely conversing. If the color of your skin dictates that you are right, I guess I am a mere inferior creature with her own “people in Florida of various colors and backgrounds.

      3. mistermaxxx08 says:

        I got family in the st Louis area and Ferguson area and very much aware of the politics and double standards of race in this country and the racism in America is the real pandemic which there is no cure and no distancing,etc.. I never called you inferior and I respect your creativity and talent on display on these WordPress streets, however DeSantis is trash and a Trump Junior whopper and not a balanced cat,you put him as a token and it was fair game,

      4. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

        I was just trying to report some good news is all. haha I mean, I personally don’t think people should be jailed for not covering their faces. But that’s my take. And I hear you. My house was 1 mile away from the riots in Ferguson and we all knew people connected to Michael Brown. There is so much grey area than black and white and that was the point of my article. So I was taken aback at the racism claim because I have yet to find any sources to back that up, other than generalizations. That’s my whole thing. I get that you have a whole different frame of reference, and respect that. For me, I just prefer facts and credibility. It’s kind of a requirement for my reporting haha

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