In Just a Week

I’ll be hitting the read next Friday! (For the last time before I have my 3rd and final kid haha)

road trip.gif

My events for Untitled Town in Green Bay, WI are not until Saturday and Sunday but the festival kicks off Thursday night. That means you should get ready and going. The list of authors booked for this festival is insane.

I’m not just going as an author/speaker but also a reader and an audience member. R.L. Stine will be hitting the stage Friday night and I don’t intend to miss that. I mean how often does a writer get to be in the same room with a living legend?

rl stein

Everything you need to keep track of who’s speaking when and where is listed on the website:

They’ll also have paper programs to pass out to everyone when this thing kicks off!

I know I’ve been shirking my video clip responsibilities for those of you who play around on my YouTube channel. I’m working on it, but this baby kicks me in the bladder all day and it feels like a freaking anvil at this point so just getting to my desk and working on writing is taxing at times. BUT, the hope is that I can have my events recorded and post them for any of you who aren’t able to travel up north. Aaaaand since author karaoke is a closed event, I’ll see if I can get some fun shots of that as well. (Don’t doubt my abilities haha)

Blooper 11

This is the perfect showcase to meet authors, learn more about the industry, and find awesome new books. I’m glad to be a part of it and happy that it will be the final gig before I slip into mommy mode and hunker down with a little bundle of something. (Joy is great but with my kids there’s often a mix of crazy too. The best kind of crazy – but I assume nothing with them at this point)

black hole.gif

Footage or none, there will be pics and there will be, as always, stories.

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