2 Days Before the BIG Tuesday Release

Every book release is a cause for celebration. It’s the result of tireless work and effort. But my Embracing Entropy space opera trilogy is finished and will be available in a full print volume this Tuesday March 15th! (Yes the Ides of March seemed all too fitting haha)

Embracing Entropy

In this one book, you will live through the 3 different Campbell women’s struggles to survive and make a place for themselves in a universe that seems set to destroy their family. These highly connected novellas all started with a short story idea that grew way beyond the original.


Each tale will also be available on kindle (sold seperately), but for my loyal readers who prefer the comfort of a substantial physical copy, I am proud and humbled to share this new work. Book lovers unite!


There is a facebook release party you can join to enter to win a free copy and ask my any questions you want. (Honestly; I’m not shy, ask me anything…yeah haha)

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