In case you missed it…

Live interviews make a lot of authors anxious. We get itchy, antsy, can’t sit still hoping we don’t screw it up. Thankfully the one I did yesterday was with the always fun and entertaining Dante Harker, and it was on twitter. (I always feel comfy on twitter-cuz we all go there to join the basket of crazy)

So I transcribed the interview for those of you who were unable to witness the shenanigans live. Enjoy:

Q1 You’ve been busy lately. Have 2 new books out? #jmbinterview

A1 Yeah, I never stop writing and somehow keep getting my works published. I have a writing addiction that I just can’t kick

Dante: Well that’s very cool J it’s a great addiction to have

Me: Makes us the fun barrel of monkeys that we are


Q2 And of course, you still seem unable to settle for one genre. How does that work? #jmbinterview

A2 I love all types of stories and my brain is a genre adulterer. It just can’t commit to any one style.

Dante: It does seem madness to constrain the brain to just the one genre

Me: I think it’s kind of unfair to the creative process to try and fit into a box or just one way of storytelling

Dante: and the addition of new addiction would always be welcome – boo autocorrect

Me: Haha autocorrect is the bane of my life (but that’s mainly because I like to make up nonsensical words)


Q3 How many publishers do you have now? #jmbinterview

A3 Haha, I’m at 4. I’m a publishing polygamist. It gives me the freedom to write different genres.

Dante: It would seem to allow for a huge amount of creative freedom


Q4 Did the Embracing Entropy Series give you any more trouble than writing single stories? #jmbinterview

A4 It was a major bitch. There’s a whole new world of pressure to improve and meet expectations with a series.

Dante: No one ever rings me and the phone goes during my interview with @jessmbaum

Me: Of course, it’s fate laughing at us


Q5 Do you plan to write any more series? #jmbinterview

A5 I didn’t plan to Embracing Entropy as a series, so HELL NO. (But it’ll probably happen again teehee)

Dante: It’s proving very popular, I’m sure people will want more J

Dante: We’re doing better than last time J

Me: Shhh, don’t jinx us man! Heehee


Q6 How can you switch from sci-fi to paranormal romance? #jmbinterview

A6 Genres are 4 librarians 2 shelve books. Writing 2 me is all about connecting with characters&romance is so much fun.

Dante: People do like to put neat labels on things, makes it easier for smaller brains. Great that you’re challenging this

Me: This is fun trying to fit everything into 1 tweet haha #jmbinterview

Dante: If it weren’t for the time gap we could have done this as a drunk interview

Me: I’ll need a drink after this haha Next time 😉

Dante: me too thankfully with the time difference I’m closer to wine than you J

Me: Damn you! I have a bottle awaiting my return


Q7 So you enjoy writing romance? What draws you to the genre? #jmbinterview

A7 It’s one of the few places where no one questions a happy ending. I’m not huge on them, but sometimes they’re necessary.

Dante: A lot of writing is escapism so a happy ending is always nice to see (they happen in real life too I heard J


Q8 Does Siren’s Snare have a happy ending? #jmbinterview

A8 Depends on what you call happy. Siren’s Snare was originally a horror story idea. Haha

Dante: If you haven’t read Siren’s Snare check it out here

(post American link too)


Q9 How does one turn a horror story into a romance tale? #jmbinterview

Q10 It’s easier than you might think. Paranormal romance is just horror with a happy ending.

Dante: Haha there you go, we were doing so well-Q9 J jmbinterview

Me: haha Damn the circus in my brain


Q10 What can we expect from you in the future? #jmbinterview

A10 More shenanigans and silliness. Oh with writing? I think it may be time to get an agent and really start branching out.

Dante: Look at that we made it to Q10 and no one died (a first) – yay!

Me: Yippeeee, we all deserve cake!

Dante: Thank-you for the interview – read Ajessmbaum books check out this link

Post American as well

Me: Thanks for popping on here to pick my brain! Always a pleasure. Maybe I’ll get to interview you next time J


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