Love You Guys

Guess what today is?


Yes it is the day before the Olympics start, but that’s not it. I turn 33 today. I love birthdays. I find that aging is only a burden if you stop having fun, and that I will never do! haha

During my existence as a 32 year old I had 2 new books released and followed other avenues to help get me where I want to be. MAINLY doing everything I can to connect with my readers. I’m currently in the midst of a book tour and the next stop is the day after tomorrow.

That is the icing on the cake (or the cake under the icing since the cake part is my favorite) because today my social media sites have been filled with so much warmth from readers and authors all around. You guys make my world. We share a simple yet strong bond because of our word addiction. Some more than others, but it doesn’t matter the level.

The best part of today have been the memes and the silliness. I can’t take myself too seriously and you guys are so awesome for sharing in my silliness!

Here are some of the best memes I’ve received from the best people ever:

Piccard Happy Birthday

My awesome boyfriend sent me this one. Cuz yeah, I’m a bit of a Trekkie. Used to stay up late watching Piccard and the crew with my sis.

spooky happy birthday-Amy Frischmann

Amy Frishman posted this one on my FB (I may or may not be listening to Halloween music at work today teehee)

Hello Kitty-Ian Thomas Malone

Got this one from everybody’s favorite stuffed animal advocate and author, Ian Thomas Malone.

I have been wished the best paddlings ever, the most sexy day, and the silliest magical wonderment. YOU guys are what drives the magick from my fingertips and somehow pulls the simplicity of storytelling together through the art of publishing.

So BUY MY BOOKS – that’s the best present you can give an author (that and a review-we never get enough reviews haha)

Or just enjoy this ridiculous cat video that MJ Sydney sent me. Sharing in the silliness is all I could ever really ask of anyone.

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