What’s One More

“One more” is my fav. One more drink, one more ride, one more stop. I’ve added another stop on this year’s book tour and I’m so excited to wrap everything up close to home.

Book Tour

One of the best (and sometimes most stressful) aspects of being an indie author is travel. Gotta get out there and reach readers face to face. Really connect with people. They want to know the brain behind the book. I love reaching out and reveling in the human connection. It’s what makes this an art.

Author events are vital to steady sales. Any author who has written anything worth while will see sales directly after a book release, but it is the momentum of creating a buzz that keeps things going. My children’s book, My Family Is Different, was released 2 years ago. She hit #18 in her genre on amazon and sales have continued to ebb and flow. Every time I do an event, hands brush over my books and questions are asked. Pages are flipped and sales are made. Then comes the moment authors live for (at least this author): the weight of picking up a pen to sign your name.


I usually include a note with every signature. Just more personable. The conversations I have with book lovers make it even better.

Different genres sell more depending on the event. My children’s book sells like hotcakes at Pagan events. My space opera is the star of the show at more traditional book signings. I love having a broad range of ideas and topics. My next novel is a Sword and Sorcerer Fantasy tale. Speculative fiction and children’s books are some of the most fun genres to write and easily linked.


I’ll always have one more book to write, one more book to sign, one more event to set up at. The hunt for an agent is one because after a while an author needs representation to figure out where to take their career, but I promise all of you right now, no matter how many books I sell, or how many terrible flops I don’t (goddess I hope I don’t have any), I will always hold signings and try to reach my readers.

My readers are the best readers. I’ll always want to win over one more reader, one more dreamer, one more heart to share my love of words with.

7 thoughts on “What’s One More

  1. Delles says:

    Hey Jessica Marie!

    I hope all is well with you today. I really enjoyed this post and was able to learn some nuggets I can use to make my art better.

    I like the reminder that no matter how many good or terrible products we put out, we can always choose to continue moving forward and connecting with our readers!

    I also agree that sharing my love of words has given me an avenue to embrace and engage with others on an international level and I am very grateful for this privilege.

    The Internet allows us to meet a variety of people all over the world but I strongly believe in the importance of face to face interaction too.

    Anyhow, I love making new connections and appreciating the artistic creations of others, especially your work. Thank you!

      1. Delles says:

        Dear Jessica Marie,

        You are such a down-to-earth writer, I love your perspective and tone in Writer Turned Beggar. ☺

        I agree that treating everything as a learning experience gives us an incredible edge and I am spending more time and focused energy on building important connections in my life.

        I am very grateful to converse with you, with that being said – here’s a link to one of my best posts:


        Have a great day Jessica Marie! 😎

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