If a Picture’s Worth 1000 words

Authors are not known to be photogenic

crazy head shot 2

Many of my colleagues dread having to update their head shots, or taking them at all. We’re authors, our words are supposed to matter, not our faces!

crazy headshot 3

When I find myself growing nervous over those dastardly soul sucking images, I always remember that nothing is ever worth doing without a laugh.

crazy headshot

I’ve gone through a few photographers at this point. The longer this word addiction continues, the more photos surface. At least with head shots you have some amount of control. (Or lack thereof in my case)

Letting go and turning an irritating situation into a silly laugh fest has always been way more fun for me. I’m not camera shy, but the importance of the coveted “author photo” tends to weigh on me because I can’t submit to one look or style so I have to get new shots done at least once a year.


I guess I don’t HAVE to, but then how would you recognize me on the street and run over to praise my work? haha

This post is starting to feel a bit too narcissistic. hmmm Maybe I should throw you guys off-quick!

Bon and me

How about a pic from the 80s! AND with balloons and my sis, we all love balloons and siblings, don’t we? (Bet you can’t guess which one I am teehee)

Honestly, I don’t feel like myself if I’m not goofing around. Serious pictures of me feel like someone else. I never keep still or even hold my face nice enough to look like a lot of serious authors do in their photos.


Who is that person? Definitely not me. Back to the laughter please!

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