Only a Couple More Weeks

The 1st round of the No Borders Short Story competition is in full swing and I’m very please with what I’ve read so far. Dante and Alexander Harker and I are not genre snobs. We have no intention of being theme nazis. Yes, the theme is important and should be incorporated into your story, but the possibilities are endless.

Let your imagination spark and put in the work. “Wandering” seemed to be the best theme to kick off our competition. Writers are always wandering. Our thoughts, our stories, our sens of self-editing. haha

Sometimes all I need to recharge my batteries is to go out and wander my city or the countryside.

This round ends on March 31st. There will be 3 winners for this particular round who will be featured in the end of year anthology. With less than 3 weeks to go, I’m happy to find what our theme has inspired so far.

The 2nd round of this competition will open on May 15th and run through June 15th. If “wandering” isn’t your thing, I hope you like to sweat because our summer competition is all about “Heat.” Sizzling skin, hot Indian dishes, and fire-breathing dragons are all welcome.

Same as before, the rating scale is a 1-10 scale for Originality, Technical Skills, and Best fit for the theme.

Got an idea?

Get started on it now.

If you’re still not sure, the fall & winter themes will be along the lines of “Goodbye” and “Family”.

I’d say good luck


1. You probably won’t need it


2. I’m a theatre kid-I’d rather say break a leg but then I think of “Misery”

So how about

Write on!

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