A Night at the Dream Theater (Book Review)


I keep saying it. We need a half star option. I always round up in cases where I think a book should get 4.5 stars instead of 5, but I’m getting picky and cantankerous in my old age. haha

Mark Taylor’s A Night at the Dream Theater  is dark and intriguing. It pulls you into a futuristic world with a chilling reality. Society has become an extreme of “haves and have nots” you are either employed and afforded many perks and luxuries, or you are unemployed and treated like a stray rat.

 References to the past offer a few chuckles when the main character tried to use outdated vernacular. I found myself really enjoying the story until the sections that switched to another perspective. They come together in the end, but I didn’t connect as well after that.

Even so, it is a quick read. The ended was a little predictable but brilliant.

I read a lot, and indie books always get pushed to the top of my list. Science Fiction/Fantasy always offer a fun ride. The originality and tone of Taylor’s story are what make it stand out. The style and skills could use some tweaking, but that’s how the writing world goes. haha

Take a look

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