Keeping the Connection

I don’t know how many reads care about the numbers. How many of you actually care about best sellers lists?


In a flooded market, they seem pretty damn important. It’s why reviews and sales are what drive books to success. That, and word-of-mouth. But I generally check the reviews of a book that was recommended to me first.

Well, last week, YOU guys gave me the best gift. I got to watch my latest release climb in sales and we hit #10 in our genre on amazon. I’ve only ever gotten to #18 before, and it’s been a while.


An author’s life is filled with highs and lows. Doubt creeps in only to be scattered by praise. Some of us get more breaks than others. I just work as much as I can and try to help who I can along the way. It might not make me an overnight success, but I find what I do fulfilling despite some struggles, and I keep going (even when I don’t want to).

The crusty old stereotype of reclusive authors cracks me up. In this industry, you have to at LEAST be able to connect with people. I think it was always a prerequisite. We just like to play up the extreme ends of overly romanticized stereotypes.


I don’t mind. I’ll probably pull a Robert Frost and take the kiddos to go live on a farm so we can enjoy the adventures beyond city life someday. Who knows? (My 7 year old is exceptionally fond of this idea)

But no matter where you live, or who you work with, it is important for an author to stay in touch with their fellow man. It is imperative to the process. If you cannot relate to others, how will your works contribute to the human connection?


I just got back from a short weekend trip, so I’m all revved up and ready to take on new story lines, edits, and mainly-more questions from readers. the messages and emails have been heavier lately and I always do what I can to answer everybody as fast as I can, with as much thought as possible.

My next children’s book comes out in a little over 2 weeks so I’m in the thick of it now. haha But I’m always listening. I promise, I never forget to do that.


2 thoughts on “Keeping the Connection

  1. shadowriverphoto says:

    Just finished By the Stars I couldn’t stop reading it read it straight thru except for the moment when I thought oh wow I am reading this book by this famous author who I talk with on here and I was kinda star struck lol, great book cant wait to read the next

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