The Golden Rule

The reviews are starting to pour in and I couldn’t be more grateful to share my story with you all!

Overrated Sensibilities

the golden rule

For all the children of the world- young and old.

We all grow up in an environment filled with people who are different from us. This story is about a little girl who is curious about those differences and the implications of those differences. But, what she ends up discovering is that we are all more similar than we realize, especially since all follow the same Golden Rule.

I just finished the story. It makes me want to laugh and dance and proclaim my happiness from the top of the building. But, that might piss the neighbours off and so, I’ll try to transfer all of that happiness into this review.

This was such a heart-warming story. In the world right now, politics has become steamier than the climate, tempers have shortened to the point of non-existence and egos have grown to the size of the former Soviet Union. I…

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